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I started writing when I was about seven. It wasn’t that I wanted to become a writer. I wrote, because I liked to write and because I would not forget things. It also helped me, to observe other people’s behavior. It was just an exercise for me, in the same way, other people ran around on the bicycle.

I was not a repressed child and I certainly was not a loner. Generally, I was outgoing. As a small and skinny person I was sometimes an easy target for bullies. Yet, I had a sharp tongue with which guys could not cope. They did not understand the words I used and they lost quickly interest in me. That was convenient, when I became a teenager. As a flat breasted girl, I was not a 'babe' and the young and testosterone laden jerks, left me in peace. Well, sort of! Let’s say, they had low expectations about discovering the pleasures of Sodom and Gomorra in me.

This makes me sound, as if I did not like men. On the contrary, I like men. I just like them to behave the way I want them to behave. So, I am selfish, and I like the world to circle around me.


Besides writing, I like to cook. I am reasonably proficient, and I can cook and bake almost anything. Cooking is a creative process giving one almost instant gratification. A bit like good sex.

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I also like to travel and I have done a lot of that. Although, I like to go to the French Riviera, I rather prefer to roam around cities like Paris, Berlin, or Vienna and Buenos Aires. To me, they are a lot more interesting than sunning myself on the beach.


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