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recipes - Chicken Breast baked with herbs with Spaghetty, Linguini, Spaetzle or other Pasta

Chicken Breast baked with herbs with Spaghetty, Linguini, Spaetzle or other Pasta

What you need:

For four people

  • four small chicken breasts (boneless) beating them with a wooden malet so that they are flatter
  • four thinly sliced pieces of Prosciutto ham (you can also use ordinary thinly sliced ham or, even better, a piece of beacon)
  • two table spoons of cottage cheese (you can also use fresh goat cheese)
  • one table spoon of basil and parsley mix (fresh) finely cut
  • four ounzes of blue cheese (any blue cheese will do, but Roquefort is the best)
  • Salt and pepper
  • garlic either fresh or minced
  • Oliveoil
  • 8 ounzes of fresh mushrooms, finely cut
  • one tablespoon of Thyme and Rosmary finely cut
  • two shallots or small onions finely cut
  • one glass of dry white wine
  • about four ounzes of chicken stock
  • four ounzes of heavy whipping cream (you can also use half-and-half if you want to reduce the calories)
  • half a cup of finely cut parsley

How to prepare it:

  • After you have flattened the Chickenbreasts, Spice chicken breasts with salt and pepper
  • Mix the cottage cheese with the herb mix (basil and parsley or if you want finely cut cilantro) and then put a spoonful on top of each chickenbreast.
  • put a piece of finely cut ham on top of the cheese
  • Roll the chickenbreast and roll the piece of Prosciutto or bacon around it. Put a string around it, to hold it together
  • Put the chickenbreast into an oven proof dish with some olive oil and put it into the oven for 15-20 minutes at 375 degrees Farenheit.

While the meat is cooking prepare your sauce and you pasta

  • in a frying pan put some olice oil, (two table spoons)
  • put the finely cut shallots or the onions and some cut garlic into the oil
  • when they are translucent, put the finely cut mushrooms into oil and onions together with the herbs (rosmary and thyme)
  • add the wine and the chicken-stock to the pan and slowly cook it so that it reduces by half.
  • Add the whipping cream and slowly cook it, until it is hot again. Stir while it is cooking. Don't boil it or the cream will break.
  • Sprinkle the Basil over the same
  • When the sauce is finished, put it into a small flat bowl or a gratin dish
  • Then put the chickenbreast on top with some finely chopped parsley

You can boil some paste (noodles, spaghetti Spaetzli or something similar). After you boiled the pasta (al dente - Don't overboil it!)) drain the pasta and then put it into a small frying pan with some melted butter, Make hot and toss the pasta, but don't lt let it brown! Sprinkle with some parsley!

Spaetzli are a German pasta that you can get at Aldi or some other good stores. It is cooked like normal Italian pasta

Serve your creation!

A Glass of cold Pino Grigio or Frascati will do well with it!



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